Tynan Motors Group is celebrating our 50th anniversary and we are giving back to the community bigger than ever. 

Ten years ago, on the occasion of our 40th anniversary, Michael Tynan shared his vision for the company and pledged his genuine commitment to the community. I would like to quote him today as his words echo our continued company philosophy.

“While the future will always bring about challenges, we face it with great hope in the opportunities it will present knowing we have the
talent, skill and vision to succeed."

Recent times have seen an expansion and business improvement within the Tynan Motor Group.  Our vision of superior customer service as a principal component to our ongoing success has never been clearer.  We pride ourselves on the marketing of products and services and see this activity as central to our continued success and expansion. Community involvement has a high priority within the Tynan Motor Group, and it has always been a company policy to encourage staff to join local organisations and community groups.  As such, Tynan Motors sponsors several sporting, cultural and health organisations throughout the St George and Sutherland Shire.  The company is extremely conscious of performing a genuine role within the community, as a responsible and caring corporate citizen.

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"As we celebrate 50 years today, I see our support of The St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation a commitment to make a difference to achieve better health outcomes for our local hospitals and community.

Medical research gives our doctors access to the latest breakthroughs and allows them to practice medicine that is at the forefront of innovative care. In dedication to our father, grandfather, great grandfather, friend and mentor, we would like to give back some of the joy he brought to us.

The laughter he shared with us and for all the inspiration and friendship he imparted to all of those who knew him. He would be very proud to know his family and friends have rallied to walk in his honour while raising money for charity."

Madeline Tynan
Director, Tynan Motors Group