Sick kids visited by Sharks & Dragons Players

It was a busy week in the children’s wards at St George and Sutherland hospitals last week, with visits from some favourite National Rugby League stars (pictured). At Sutherland Hospital, members of the Cronulla Sharks Football Team put smiles on everyone's faces as they posed for pictures and distributed gifts.

The players present were: Valentine Holmes (Fullback), Scott Sorensen (Second Row), Joseph Paulo (Lock), and Braden Uele (Prop).

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At St George Hospital, members of the St George Illawarra Dragons - Hame Sale (Lock), Nene Macdonald (Wing) and Matt Dufty (Fullback) - also spent time talking and taking selfies with patients and families, while giving away gifts. 

It was lovely to see both teams showing their support towards those young kids in our local hospitals. Tynan Motors has supported football in the St George, Illawarra and Sutherland area for over 51 years as well as medical research so it's great that we can come together. 

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Nurses awarded across SESLHD

Nurses across the district were recognised and awarded as part of International Nurses Day celebrations on 12 May.

Kim Olesen, Director, Nursing & Midwifery, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, said the date marks Florence Nightingale’s birthday and provides us with an opportunity to reflect and acknowledge the work that nurses do and how they contribute to the safety, health and wellbeing of communities across our district.

“When I meet with you across the district I am always proud of the way you use your individual and shared nursing voice to advocate for contemporary, evidence-based and compassionate care,” Kim said.

“Your professional voice influences the delivery of patient-centred care and provides positive outcomes for the communities that access our services.”

For a complete list of award winners throughout SESLHD, go here.

View the YouTube video dedicated to this year's theme: ‘Nurses – A Voice To Lead, Health is a Human Right’ Here.


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Health Tips 2017

Are you preparing for the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge Walk on the 11th of November? With the help of Anytime Fitness, we'd like to help you on this journey and provide you weekly health tips! 

To get you started we firstly suggest:

#1 Train in the shoes you plan to wear on the day of the walk. 

Firstly, if your shoes are brand new this is necessary to help break them in. We suggest taking it slow if they're brand new, try walking around the house or in the office with them on first to break them in. Don't ignore small pains as this could lead to something bigger quickly, try lacing your boots differently, there is a great how-to article here you can read. 

Once your shoes feel ready to go, or perhaps you already had a pair test them out while training, especially if you come along to any of our pre-walk training sessions we provide closer to the event. We will inform you when these dates are coming up and if we get enough people ready to train on the trail we'll head down together.



#2 Importance of recovery days

As important as it is to train for a challenge such as this, you also need to listen to your body and know when to take a break. Life is all about balance and this is something that you need to juggle. The key to training is consistency but don't let people tell you that you don't deserve a day to rest and recover. 


Fitness Tips 2017

Our friends at Anytime Fitness want to ensure all walkers are in the best shape and health when completing the 2017 Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge walk this year so they've provided us with general tips to help guide you along your fitness journey. 

What you should do fitness wise for the next 8 weeks:

# 1 Have a plan – train methodically for distance

Cardio will be your best friend to incorporate into your training regime for the MTMC coastal walk. This will help improve your fitness and lung capacity. To get the best workout routine that is specific to you, get into Anytime Fitness now and speak to a personal trainer. 


#2 Build your distance slowly over the next 8 weeks to avoid injury

We don't want to see any of our challenge walkers get injured as we want you to experience this beautiful coastal walk with eyes wide open and on two feet. To help you with this Anytime Fitness have suggested that you should slowly increase the distance you walk while training to help build up your stamina. 


Nutrition Tips 2017

If you've already signed up to our Memorial Walking Challenge then by now you're probably already training or thinking of starting. A key factor in training for a walk like this is also to have a healthy diet, so we've teamed up with Anytime Fitness to provide you with some Nutrition tips in the lead-up to the 11th of November.

Michael Tynan Memorial Walking Challenge Nutrition Tip:

#1 Don’t cut carbs while you’re training

Cutting out carbohydrates is going to lead to a suboptimal functioning of the body, a lack of recovery, decreased performance and strength, irritability, mood swings, intense hunger, lack of mental focus, as well as many other issues. You may believe that cutting carbohydrates out of your diet will help you to lose weight but as soon as one goes back to their regular carbohydrate consuming diet all of the weight and generally more is gained back. 

Instead focus more on incorporating them into your diet as carbohydrates are used as one of the primary energy systems for the body during bouts of moderate and high-intensity exercise. 

Stay tuned as we'll update this regularly with more tips for you to follow along your journey.!


#2 Morning trainers need carbs at night

Carbohydrates will actually assist you during your morning workout by providing your body with the energy to get you through your training. When you're being active, your muscles run on the carbs stored within the muscle called glycogen. Having a high carb meal the night before will be much more effective to fill the glycogen stores ready for when you wake up. 

It also allows for better metabolic flexibility which will help you to avoid low energy levels if you haven't eaten.  Possibly the best part about eating carbs, however, is that it provides a better night's rest. Eating carbohydrates is necessary for the body to synthesize serotonin, also known as the "feel good" neurotransmitter to better calm and relax you.   


Prepare for the Walking Challenge Anytime, Anywhere with Anytime Fitness

Partnership announcement 

We're excited to announce that Anytime Fitness have come on board to partner with us for the 2017 Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge! 

Thanks to the generosity of Anytime Fitness every participant undertaking the Walking Challenge will receive a FREE gym membership leading up to the challenge day. This will include health and fitness tips in preparation for the event on the 11th of November; inclusive of 4 pre-training days and an 8 week fitness preparation plan.

We can't wait to get back into shape and prepare for the Walking Challenge with the help of Anytime Fitness, and the best part? Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym to help those of our participants who live busy lives find the time to use their facilities. 

Samuel Green, owner of Anytime Fitness Hurstville is pictured below with Madeline Tynan, Virginia Venckus from the St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation and Roxy Rutter, Marketing Assistant. 


Official Launch of the MTMC 2017

At the beginning of August we celebrated the official launch of the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge for it's second year with multiple dignitaries including local elected representatives, members for the St George & Sutherland Medical research Foundation board, sponsors and supporters along with the Tynan family speaking to WIN News Illawarra to introduce a new format for the challenge.

This year we announced that the MTMC will be a one-day event which participants can chose to either walk the beautiful coast track starting from Otford to end at Bundeena or do a action packed driving challenge from Wollongong to Sutherland.  The event will be held on Saturday the 11th of November where all participants will register in the morning at the Wollongong Innovation campus. 

madeline and scott MTMC.jpg

Our distinguished guest's that were present at the official launch included:

Hon. Scott Morrison MP who is the Treasurer, Federal Member for Cook and a close friend of the Tynan family.

Hon. Mark Raymond Speakman, SC MP, the New South Wales Attorney General since January 2017 in the Berejiklian government. He also represents Cronulla for the Liberal Party of Australia since 2011.

Janie Wittey the Head of Industry Banking for St George.

John Angilley, General Manager for Fairfax Publishing

Members from our charity - St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation (SSMRF) which were also present: 

Professor John Edmonds, Founding medical member of SSMRF & Retired Head of Rheumatology at St George Hospital & UNSW.

Jacquie Stratford CEO of SSMRF

Peter Gonski, Doctor & Researcher at Sutherland Hospital and also on the Board Director of SSMRF

Manoj Saxena, Doctor & researcher, Intensive Care Unit at St George Hospital

Virginia Venckus the Executive Director, Fundraising & Marketing for SSMRF

Embark on an adventure on the 11th of November with us to help fund much needed medical research.

mtmc 3.jpg

The wrap up of Tynan Motors 50th anniversary events

As Tynan Motors two big events that celebrated the life of the beloved Michael Tynan come to an end, we reflect on the successful efforts to raise over $500,000 for local medical research in St George and Sutherland hospitals that will save lives. 

"This is the 50th anniversary of Tynan Motors, the business my father started," Madeline Tynan said.

"And dad would have wanted us to give back to the community, so the family came up with two events that would support the wonderful work of the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation."

The beginning of the two events started with the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge in late October. With three events rolled into two days it was a major success for the Tynan Family and the St George Sutherland Medical Research Foundation in raising awareness and much needed funds. The challenge consisted of a paddle from Wollongong to Bundeena, a drive from The University of Wollongong Innovation Campus to Southern Districts Rugby Club in The Sutherland Shire and a 2 day walk also beginning from The University of Wollongong Innovation Campus, through the national park to the Sutherland Shire and St George area. 

"It all culminated last week with a gala dinner. Four hundred people attended." Madeline Tynan continued.

The Tynan Motors 50th Anniversary Charity Ball concluded the events that has led to raising OVER an extraordinary $500,000 for the SSMRF -St George Sutherland Medical Research Foundation. Family, friends, colleagues and anyone who wanted to show their support attended the gala dinner at Four points by Sheraton Sydney in mid November and it was safe to say everyone had ball. Those involved from Tynan Motors and the SSMRF put in a huge effort to raise the amount of money we have and it wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of everyone who has contributed -Thank you.

Foundation Chair Professor John Edmonds said Madeline and the Tynan family epitomised philanthropy.

"The Tynan family's commitment to giving back to their community is an example to all of us. Michael Tynan was a true leader of his community, in business and in his family. These two events are a fitting tribute to him. On behalf of the Foundation I thank Michael's wife Annette for her her support. And of course my fellow Board member Madeline Tynan committed an extraordinary effort to this."

The Foundation has committed close to $1m to funding seven research projects at the hospitals.

The included studies into septicaemia; blood clots; temperature control in acute brain injury; swallow disorders; the importance of exercise on chemotherapy patients; treating acute sciatica; inflammatory diseases. 

The importance behind these events go towards funding these projects so that treatment can become available in the near future and wouldn't be possible without donations and fundraising. 



Tynan's Night Under the Stars - Movie Night

The smell of fresh popcorn and sweet fairy floss as you walked (or hobbled for those walkers who had been on their feet since 6am that morning) into the Southern Districts Rugby Club on the 22nd of October was the perfect ending of the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge Day 1. From the Driving challenge participants, to the Paddlers and Walkers plus friends and family, everyone enjoyed a night under the stars watching movies. With great big bean bags and blankets that were oh so comfy and a good old Australian BBQ, or for those who preferred to purchase a picnic boxes that night it was one to remember, and all for a the SSMRF - St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation.


St George Bank had a friendly Dragon that came along to the movie night to keep us entertained while the walkers unwounded with massages and something to drink. 


The little ones (or lets be real even the adults) enjoyed watching Inside Out as the sun went down. As the night time came upon us it was time for the second and final movie of the night, Creed. Soon after that our walkers, if they hadn't already, got ready for bed in their tents that were set up on the Rugby Field by volunteers. In preparation for the second day of the walking challenge, the walkers caught some well deserved and needed hours of sleep before they were back at it again the next morning. 


To check out more images from the movie night please follow the link below to be directed to our Facebook album. 

Our Top Fundraising Participant

In the weeks leading up to the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge, one of our challenge walkers Emad El-Omar had raised the most money for the SSMRF - St George & Sutherland Medical Research Foundation, reaching a total of $6050!

For his amazing efforts in raising so much money for the foundation he received a General Admission & Members' Reserve Race Day Double Pass to the Australian Turf Club at either Randwick or Rosehill, plus a bottle of well deserved sparkling wine.

Without the efforts of people like Emad and all the amazing participants who are raising funds, the SSMRF wouldn't be able to conduct life saving and life changing research. Congratulations on a job well done Emad, time to enjoy that wine!

Donations are still open and will close on the 18th of December so please make a donation as everything counts, just look what $22 can do: 

$22 = the equivalent of 100 syringes for Dr Roncolato's cancer research into chemotherapy & radiotherapy

To make a contribution to medical research please click below.