Fitness Tips 2017

Our friends at Anytime Fitness want to ensure all walkers are in the best shape and health when completing the 2017 Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge walk this year so they've provided us with general tips to help guide you along your fitness journey. 

What you should do fitness wise for the next 8 weeks:

# 1 Have a plan – train methodically for distance

Cardio will be your best friend to incorporate into your training regime for the MTMC coastal walk. This will help improve your fitness and lung capacity. To get the best workout routine that is specific to you, get into Anytime Fitness now and speak to a personal trainer. 


#2 Build your distance slowly over the next 8 weeks to avoid injury

We don't want to see any of our challenge walkers get injured as we want you to experience this beautiful coastal walk with eyes wide open and on two feet. To help you with this Anytime Fitness have suggested that you should slowly increase the distance you walk while training to help build up your stamina.