Nutrition Tips 2017

If you've already signed up to our Memorial Walking Challenge then by now you're probably already training or thinking of starting. A key factor in training for a walk like this is also to have a healthy diet, so we've teamed up with Anytime Fitness to provide you with some Nutrition tips in the lead-up to the 11th of November.

Michael Tynan Memorial Walking Challenge Nutrition Tip:

#1 Don’t cut carbs while you’re training

Cutting out carbohydrates is going to lead to a suboptimal functioning of the body, a lack of recovery, decreased performance and strength, irritability, mood swings, intense hunger, lack of mental focus, as well as many other issues. You may believe that cutting carbohydrates out of your diet will help you to lose weight but as soon as one goes back to their regular carbohydrate consuming diet all of the weight and generally more is gained back. 

Instead focus more on incorporating them into your diet as carbohydrates are used as one of the primary energy systems for the body during bouts of moderate and high-intensity exercise. 

Stay tuned as we'll update this regularly with more tips for you to follow along your journey.!


#2 Morning trainers need carbs at night

Carbohydrates will actually assist you during your morning workout by providing your body with the energy to get you through your training. When you're being active, your muscles run on the carbs stored within the muscle called glycogen. Having a high carb meal the night before will be much more effective to fill the glycogen stores ready for when you wake up. 

It also allows for better metabolic flexibility which will help you to avoid low energy levels if you haven't eaten.  Possibly the best part about eating carbs, however, is that it provides a better night's rest. Eating carbohydrates is necessary for the body to synthesize serotonin, also known as the "feel good" neurotransmitter to better calm and relax you.