What do I need to know about fundraising?
Each participant/s must raise a goal of $5,000 in order to participate in the challenge.
Fundraising is a great way to engage with your community and the methods of doing so are huge: BBQs, movie nights, trivia nights, auctions, garage sale or a car wash - the options are all there.

Age Requirements
This event is strictly 18 +.

Support Crew
There will be checkpoints along the way.
We will have support crews along the way to provide you with food, drink and first aid.

Dietary Requirements
Any special dietary requirements must be notified prior (see entry form).

Waiver Form
Waivers must be signed and presented prior to commencement of event.
No participant will allowed to participate in any challenge unless the form is returned and signed.
The waiver form can be viewed here.

When do every team member's details need to be completed by?
Yes, every team member's details must be completed in their team profile.  Not only is this a very important safety issue during The Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge in the event that we need to contact you or your emergency contact, but also so that you can be kept up to date on information leading up to the event.  Details must be completed as soon as possible after registering the team.

How do I keep up to date with what’s happening?
Team leaders and every team member who have supplied an email address will receive regular updates, information and suggestions to assist you prepare for The Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge, so make sure your email address is correct in your team profile! If you are not receiving emails  please contact us.

Can the team name and member be changed?
Yes! You may change team member’s details on the team profile until two weeks before the event. Any changes to team members details after this time should be emailed

How can I let my friends, family and other important contacts know about my challenge?
You can tailor your team profile with photos, descriptions and directions for donations, which can be linked to your Facebook page or perhaps you’d like to start a team Facebook page!  You will find Facebook and Twitter banners in the Fundraising section of the website. There you can also, share your Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge tracking app and keep in touch.


Have any further questions?
Email us.