Health Tips 2017

Are you preparing for the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge Walk on the 11th of November? With the help of Anytime Fitness, we'd like to help you on this journey and provide you weekly health tips! 

To get you started we firstly suggest:

#1 Train in the shoes you plan to wear on the day of the walk. 

Firstly, if your shoes are brand new this is necessary to help break them in. We suggest taking it slow if they're brand new, try walking around the house or in the office with them on first to break them in. Don't ignore small pains as this could lead to something bigger quickly, try lacing your boots differently, there is a great how-to article here you can read. 

Once your shoes feel ready to go, or perhaps you already had a pair test them out while training, especially if you come along to any of our pre-walk training sessions we provide closer to the event. We will inform you when these dates are coming up and if we get enough people ready to train on the trail we'll head down together.



#2 Importance of recovery days

As important as it is to train for a challenge such as this, you also need to listen to your body and know when to take a break. Life is all about balance and this is something that you need to juggle. The key to training is consistency but don't let people tell you that you don't deserve a day to rest and recover.