The key to raising funds for a fundraiser is spreading your message to potential donators. The use of social media plays a vital role in getting the attention of potential donators as well as using posters and word of mouth – whatever helps to spread the word around!

The Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge offers a collection of resources tailored to each different challenge whether it is the hike, paddle or car challenge, competitors will be surprised how effective they are! From just something as small as changing your Facebook header on your profile to putting up posters at your work or gym, your fundraising goal can be broadcast in a number of ways.

It’s always great to bounce ideas off other competitors as well; to see what worked, what didn’t and to brainstorm for ideas. Our Facebook group ‘Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge’ sole purpose is to share your stories and talk competitor-competitor- you will be provided with training updates, equipment recommendations and fundraising techniques.

We have heaps of ideas to get you started!

So let’s get into how you should spread your message: That you are undertaking a monumental 100km challenge in memory of Michael Tynan to raise funds for medical research, that will have an impact on you and your family.



Never underestimate the power of word of mouth! This is often one of the most effective ways of getting a message heard, especially in close knit communities like the Sutherland Shire, Wollongong, St George or your network.

This can be accomplished guessed it - talking to people! BBQs, parties, company newsletters, school functions - the list goes on. Simply explaining to people about the challenge you’re participating in and how you’re raising funds for medical research - that will impact you and your family and the community directly - will attract people’s interest.



Once you register for one of the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge events, you will be issued with a username and password that you can use to log into your team profile.
This is a great portal where you can update your team details, add photos and text about your team and - most importantly - keep track of your fundraising tally for you and your team!

It’s always handy to promote the URL for your team profile to anybody wishing to donate as it can all easily be done from your team page! Once that little fundraising bar hits your minimum fundraising amount, you are all set to start your Challenge event! However, we always encourage teams to fundraise above their minimum amount - there are great prizes on offer for top fundraising teams.



One of the resources we have available is an email signature that can be used on your personal emails or (with permission) your work email. This is another great way of spreading the message to all your business contacts and personal friends. It’s as simple as downloading the email signature image, saving it to your desktop and pasting it into your email signature on your mail platform.

Added bonus - Hyper linking the image to your team profile makes it even easier for people to find your profile!



Social media will be one of your most powerful tools in fundraising. It is simply the easiest way to broadcast your message quickly and reach a wide array of people. Along with your personal Facebook, keep an eye on the following websites as we will be publishing further resources there, tips and ideas to help you on your fundraising journey:

1. Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge website
2. Tynan Motors website 
3. SSMRF website - to keep up to date on medical research updates & events in your community

Other social media platforms can also play a vital part of your fundraising - we are also on Twitter (@tynan_motors) and Instagram (@tynan_motors) and encourage competitors to share our content - So tag or hashtag us in your posts!


Media and videos play a huge part in marketing as they are proven to engage people the most. Therefore, sharing video content across your social media platforms is a great way to engage people into donating to SSMRF for the Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge.



In celebration of Tynan Motors 50th anniversary, Madeline Tynan has set her eyes on a 100km challenge across two days starting in Wollongong and ending in St George, via the Sutherland Shire.



The Michael Tynan Memorial Challenge’s purpose is to raise funds for the St George and Sutherland Medical Research Foundation (SSMRF) to improve local health and improve lives through medical research.

SSMRF are an independent charity that raises money to support life-saving and life-improving research in our local hospitals. Key areas of their research include among others, trauma, critical care, heart disease, lung disease, infection and cancer. You will be making a real difference in advancing medical research, and in turn, your local community.


100% of all funds raised through our events benefit our charity, SSMRF.
SSMRF are a registered charity in Australia (CFN /20488), and endorsed as a deductible gift recipient. All donations are tax deductible.